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CIA Defends Itself!! Israel False Flag, Fans Are Dropping Like Flies, Democrats Set To Lose House

V & CJ tear the CIA a new one, Israel caught in a false flag, Democrats set to lose the house. Fans all over the world are dropping like flies at sports games.

Cuss with Gus – V, Gus & CJ

The Fascist Use of Democracy From Pericles to Biden

V and Matthew break down the absurd moral failure that is Biden’s upcoming World Democracy Summit by leaping back over 2300 years into the past and evaluating the rotten origins of the cult of democracy as it arose under the corrupt leadership of Pericles of Athens.

Hunter Biden’s Laptop, Twitter Nukes Itself & WOKE is Official Government Policy

V & Cj break down the explosive details of Hunter Biden’s Laptop. The boys destroy Twitter and the Woke is standard operating procedure for the US gov. Also a funny story out of Canada.