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The Multipolar Moment With Joaquin Flores

Mentored by Dr. Michael J. Siler – Counter-terrorism/Counter-insurgency Expertise – Color Revolution – Sharp et al – Coup and Counter-insurgency – Labor and community organizer – Theology – 19th and 20th Century political thought – Occult and Esoteric studies

Cuss with Gus – V, Gus & CJ

Markets, Monsters & Madmen Alex Krainer

World renowned author of the books “The Killing Of William Browder”, “Grand Deception” and “Mastering Uncertainty In Commodities Trading, market analyst and speaker Alex Krainer sits down with V to discuss the global state of affairs. Buckle up its going to be a hell of a ride!

75 Athletes Dead & Counting, Biden’s Daughter’s Diary, Taiwan China War

V & Cj break down the latest news, from the recent body count of dead athletes, to the sordid details of another deranged Biden kid and finally US pouring gasoline on the flames of Taiwan and China.

Nazi Agenda Behind Conservationism

Matt and V tackle the disturbing roots of today’s modern conservation movement which seeks to take the vast majority of earth’s ecosystems out of bounds of any human economic activity under a new global feudal system of controls. V and Matt trace modern conservationism to the British empire and fascist Germany along and explain how… Read more »