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Gavin Newsome Lives, Kyle Rittenhouse Will Be Free, Roads Are Racist?!

The boys break down the latest “where’s Gavin” question and is his face paralyzed? Also Kyle Rittenhouse will walk and the FBI needs to be disbanded. Did you know roads are racist? Yeah we didn’t either!

Flexitron Shawn Rhoden Dead! Where is Gavin Newsome!! Crisis in Poland & South Africa

V & Cj Breakdown the news. V talks about bodybuilding legend Shawn Rhodan and the recent spat of bodybuilder deaths all of them with “heart issues”. Where in the world is Gavin Newsome?! And the recent crisis in Poland and South Africa!

V is for Veles – V, Veles & CJ

Veles, Joins the V & CJ to discuss the latest news and events that are shaping the world. He focuses on the importance of decentralized organization and why its vital to win back the Republic.

Rogue Mornings – V and CJ

Vaxxx Pass For Kids?! Mandates Are Changing The Country, Is China a Better for business?