Canadian Patriot and Rising Tide Presentations to Moscow’s Horizon 2100 Conference

On August 24, Cynthia Chung and I (representing the Rising Tide Foundation and Canadian Patriot Review respectively) delivered the following remarks at Moscow’s Horizon 2100 Summit sponsored by the Center for Modelling the Future. Cynthia’s presentation ‘Cities of the Future: Greening Deserts, Eliminating Landfills and Ending Limited Resources’ and my presentation ‘Growth Needs of Humanity in the 21st Century and Beyond’ were delivered to dozens of youth from around the world whose attendance at this event was the result of their winning science fiction writing submissions under the theme of “Envisioning the World We Want in 2100”. As the theme implies, the contest was designed to inspire young leaders of the future to think creatively about the optimistic potentials for humanity on the earth and beyond over the coming generations.

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