Clown World Order: The LARP That is Washington DC

“ A LARP is when a bunch of nerds get together in a field or pasture and beat each other with foam swords. (Using fantasy Stories) It refers also to people who put on a façade and lie about having lives that are far more interesting than they really are.”

-Urban Dictionary

There is one thing to believe in fantasy it is a whole other thing to live like it is real. What would you think if there was a country that was led by leaders, who are paid and who sit around in their meetings and round tables and come up with some of the most ridiculous ideas and policies all based on fantasy? What if I told you this nation that creates a fantasy in both policies and ideas also has an economy that is based on fantasy as well? What would you think? Would you even plan to live in this country? If you do how long? Most would see this nation as a nation fueled by lunacy. That nation is the United States of America.

A few weeks ago we have seen an example of this, Biden had a call with President Xi and the media in both nations reported the call with staggering contrast. The US media talked about the fantasy, the feelings, the policies that Biden will enact and how he will hold China’s feet to the fire blah blah blah. The Chinese media reported it as strictly business and discussions on objectives, in other words…Fantasy of DC vs Reality of the rest of the world. Exceptionalistan at its best.

This is something that you see in much of the West in general. In the EU where they love fantasy as well, the LARPers from Brussels create elaborate stories about an Army of Doom that dwells beyond the eastern borders. A faraway dark place ruled by an evil man who believes in such Satanic ideals as The Church, Families, The Rights Of Nations, The Patriarchy and the greatest evil of all a Multipolar world of cooperative nations. This mythical land akin to Mordor in the Lord of The Rings or The Empire in Star Wars is of course Russia.

This past week seeing that the American “Deep Shit State” has gotten rid of Donald Trump, their EU lapdogs wanted to prove to their fellow LARPers that they are just as tough. Right away they had a scheme concocted that centered around a moron posing as a Russian dissident named Navalny, a real world-class jerk off. They used this idiot the same way the US used South American Obama body double Juan Guido in Venezuela. Just like in Venezuela the people in Russia laughed it off especially when the US coordinated Nalvany riots fell apart.

It did not help the cause that Russian FSB and other intelligence agencies within Russia released a video from 2012 where a British Diplomatic asset (Ass Hat) Secretary James Ford was in a restaurant discussing a “deal” with an individual key to the entire Nalvany false flag. That man is Vladimir Ashurkov the director of Nalvany’s anti-corruption foundation. The coward Ashurkov fled for his life and is living in the UK as a refugee.
Secretary Ford who has been revealed to be an SIS (Secret Intelligence Service) officer was discussing with Ashurkov financial support to the tune of “$20 million a year” which according to Ashurkov in the video was “ a small price to pay for people who have billions to lose.”

In other words, get us the funding and the logistics and when we topple the government and take down that evil Putin, we will then open the nation up to rape and pillaging = Ukraine 2.0. Ashurkov got caught doing what just about every politician in Exceptionalistan does…Selling out his country for money. Suffice to say Nalvany was charged with treason and I for one hope they execute him like a dog with Western media watching. The Guerrilla promises you that there is a strong link to Soros here. Of course, when the fraudster Nalvany was picked up he like other asshats before him claimed Putin poisoned him with the chemical poison Novichok. Seems like the maniacal Putin, though an evil genius, consistently fails at poisoning people. For Exceptiopnalistan and its lapdogs, the accusation is all the “proof” one needs.

Hot on the heals of this LARP going live, the EU sent one of their “best” from the delusional tower of Brussels to meet with the person that the Guerrilla thinks is the finest statesman alive today; Sergei Lavrov.

What occurred two weeks ago was nothing short of the biggest shaming of a diplomat yet. The Russians smacked the EU lackey Joseph Borrell and sent him packing. Lavrov has plainly stated that he is done in trying to work with the EU and see them as unreliable partners. “We are getting used to the fact that the European Union are trying to impose unilateral restrictions and we proceed from the assumption at this stage the European Union is an unreliable partner. “

Borrell is the Chief EU Foreign Policy Chief and he was dog walked out of Moscow. Lavrov went on to say that “The main problem we all face is the lack of normalcy in relations between Russia and the European Union, two of the largest players in the Eurasian space. It is an unhealthy situation which does not benefit anyone.” Lavrov sending the message of the duplicitous nature of EU kleptocrats as they talk out of two sides of their mouth. Cozying up to Russia while at the same time walking in lockstep to sanction her on the behest of Exceptionalistan.

The problem with the brain-dead morons of Clown World Order is that they are obsessed with death and destruction and addicted to stupidity. The Clown World Order has lost all capability of not only hard power but soft power as well. This is what happens when one spends decade after decade of the last 75 years being at war with some foreign country, somewhere in the world. There is a reason why they have 934 military bases scattered throughout the entire planet.

As the sole leader of the Clown World Order, Exceptionalistan thinks it can be “WOKE” and flex its muscles. The endgame is reached when an Empire starts to believe in its own bullshit but the rest of the world sees it for the weak pathetic creature it actually is. Excpetionalistan is not some Hyper Power but a little bitch with a big mouth. It is not worthy of even being called a paper tiger, it is a paper transsexual kitty cat that goes by the pronouns zi-zin, bim, bleep, bop.

The Morons In Power think they can fight Russia and China with overpriced half functioning pieces of junk that pass for “Military hardware”(As of this writing the vaunted F35 has over 900 critical technical issues). Forever wars come at a price, we see this with close to 7000 suicides per year from service members. We see this with that morally depleted armed forces, that instead of proper troop training, and investing in proper equipment they have now switched into being WOKE. Proving to The Guerrilla that the Military-Industrial Complex is a run like any other insolvent Corporation in America.

The US navy has now a new woke course for all its officers and enlisted. This new trajectory was created to “acknowledge all lived experiences and intersectional identities of every Sailor in the Navy” and “America is stronger around the world when it is inclusive” “Diversity is our strength” so on and so forth. These mantras should not even be uttered in Cub Scouts let alone the US military who is supposed to be in the task of fighting wars.

Whether you like it or not, more and more scientific evidence is emerging that transgender is a mental disorder that needs to be treated, one with an extremely high suicide rate. Not a lifestyle to be normalized and celebrated as “courageous”. Exceptionalistan has not won a war in over 75 years and yet with this recent morally dilapidated military, it wants to convince the American Sheeple that it can defeat a technological rival like Russia or China or even Iran. It’s insane.

Any attempt by Exceptionalistan and NATO to move against Russia will result in a rapid and decisive response by Russia, Exceptionalistan and its lapdog NATO will be defeated in mere hours. At which point the LARPers will be exposed, the sham will be seen for what it is and the Clown World Order (CWO) will end. The Guerrilla’s only concern is will the LARPers in DC elevate the LARP to the next level and launch nukes at Russia? If that were to happen it would be the end of most of the world’s population particularly in the West and the LARP that was Exceptionalistan will be permanently removed from the world map and its name relegated to the dust bin of history.


The Guerrilla.

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