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  • 'Jesus weeps': Woman lambasted for comparing Trump to Christ in cultish email to Manhattan DA
    A woman named Barbara read an email — on national television — which she sent to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg asking him not to "persecute" former President Donald Trump for his ongoing hush money payments case, Mediaite reports. Journalist Aaron Rupar shared a clip of the MAGA woman's...
    External Link: Alternet
  • Venezuela shuts down crypto mining facilities, exchanges amid corruption probe
    According to Venezuela's attorney general office, government officials were running parallel oil operations with the assistance of the national crypto department....
    External Link: Cointelegraph
  • Custodia Bank's membership denied for ties with crypto markets, says US Fed
    The United States Federal Reserve released an 86-page report on March 24 detailing the reasons for denying Custodia Bank's application for membership....
    External Link: Cointelegraph
  • Martin Wolf on the Crisis of Democratic Capitalism
    Martin Wolf is the chief economics commentator for the Financial Times. He is the author of The Crisis of Democratic Capitalism. In this week’s conversation, Yascha Mounk and Martin Wolf discuss the symbiotic relationship between democracy and capitalism; the reasons for the crisis of democratic capitalism; and the dire...
    External Link: Persuasion
  • REPLAY: Andrew Cuomo – State of the City, State & Nation 3-24-23
    section.elementor-section.elementor-top-section.elementor-element.elementor-element-17e5ee0f.elementor-section-boxed.elementor-section-height-default { display: none; } section.elementor-section.elementor-top-section.elementor-element.elementor-element-6a9737d.elementor-section-boxed.elementor-section-height-default { display: none; } Andrew Cuomo – State of the City, State & Nation In an unprecedented hour from 8 to 9 PM ET, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will speak directly to the New York and the entire nation about the...
    External Link: Wabcradio
  • The Career of a Keynesian Mediocrity
    This post The Career of a Keynesian Mediocrity appeared first on Daily Reckoning. The standard Keynesian policy solution to economic inefficiency is that government takes active measures via a (supposedly) wise and knowledgeable central bank, one filled with people who hold Ph.D.s in economics from top-notch universities. Because they know...
    External Link: Daily Reckoning
  • Janet Yellen: Keynesian Egghead
    This post Janet Yellen: Keynesian Egghead appeared first on Daily Reckoning. “Old soldiers never die,” said Gen. Douglas MacArthur in his long-ago farewell address of April 1951. “They just fade away,” he added with a note of deep sadness. I sure wish we could say that about Keynesian economists. That...
    External Link: Daily Reckoning
  • Justin Turner Posts Gruesome Photos of Face After Getting Hit by a Pitch
    (New York, NY) — Talk about saving face (literally). Only after being hit in the face by a pitch less than two weeks ago, Boston Red Sox’ Justin was back in the Red Sox’ lineup for Monday’s Grapefruit League showdown against the Pirates. After going 1-for-2 with a run scored...
    External Link: Wabcradio
  • A Shoutdown at Stanford
    (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images.) In 1969, Belgian economist—and self-described “revolutionary Marxist”—Ernest Mandel was denied a visa for a planned speaking tour to American universities on the grounds that deviations from his itinerary on a previous trip constituted “a flagrant abuse of the opportunities afforded him to express his views...
    External Link: Persuasion
  • The Biden Administration’s Sinister Turn Against Israel
    On Tuesday, the State Department summoned Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Herzog to demand an explanation for the Knesset’s abrogation of the 2005 law banning Jews from living in four communities in northern Samaria. That law was passed in the framework of Israel’s failed plan to disengage from...
    External Link: Caroline
  • America, Israel and the Era of False Messiahs
    On the eve of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq 20 years ago this month, the anticipated war was accompanied by a sense of idealistic triumphalism. It was fueled by a still-righteous rage following the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks and empowered by the U.S.’s recent early victories over the Taliban...
    External Link: Caroline
  • Global Research: Defeat Or Victory? The War On Afghanistan (2001-2021)
    Illustrative Image Originally published on Global Research. “But again, the thing to emphasize here is that we’re not eager to have the United States come in and become an occupying power in Afghanistan… At the same time, we want to see to it that what is left behind gives the...
    External Link: Southfront
  • Ukraine Between Biden And A Hard Place
    To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function(){ var player = videojs('content_video', { autoplay: false, loop: false, fluid: true, controlBar: { liveTracker: false } }); var shareOptions = { socials: ['fb', 'tw', 'reddit', 'messenger', 'linkedin', 'telegram', 'whatsapp',...
    External Link: Southfront

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