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Calixa Lavallée: Father of Canada’s National Anthem and Lafayette of American music

Many may have heard of the name Calixa Lavallée as the composer of the song “Ô Canada” which officially became the Canadian National anthem one hundred years after it was… Read more »

How the Trilateral Commission Drove a Bankers’ Coup Across America

Until recently I had believed like many that Jimmy Carter is not your typical politician. Standing out from the vast array of sellouts and establishment hacks, the ex-President has often… Read more »

We Didn’t Light The FIRE: Part I

By: V The Guerrilla Economist There is one thing that is Kryptonite to the fantasies of academics who never held a real job (Central Bankers) that is inflation. No matter… Read more »

Discovery of Mass Grave of 215 First Nations Children Shines Spotlight Onto Uncomfortable Truths

Ugly truths which some had preferred be kept in the dark have been pulled into the light of day as a mass grave of 215 children was discovered this month… Read more »

The Geopolitics Of Epistemological Warfare: From Babylon To Neocon

I think any sane human being can agree that while war was never a good idea, war in the 21st century is an absolutely intolerable one. The problem we currently face… Read more »

The Dynamics of Nuclear Power Diplomacy: Russia and China vs the Neo-Malthusians

In 1975, an influential Stanford biologist named Paul Ehrlich (author of the misanthropic 1968 Population Bomb) stated that in his view, humanity’s acquisition of fusion energy was “like giving an idiot child… Read more »

Eugenics, The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Clash of Two Systems

Today’s world is gripped between two possible futures: on the one hand,a multipolar alliance in defense of sovereign nation states has organized itself around a paradigm of long-term thinking, scientific optimism… Read more »

From Russell and Hilbert to Wiener and Harari: The Disturbing Origins of Cybernetics and Transhumanism

As I outlined in my previous article on the Clash of the Two Systems, the end of the 19th century saw a major clash between two opposing paradigms of political economy which… Read more »

The End of Closed System Geopolitics and the Rise of Open System Development- Vernadsky’s Law for the 21st Century

It has become popular today among the scientific community, to proclaim as a matter of fact, that the universe is ultimately governed by death and decay on the large scale… Read more »

Clown World Order: The LARP That is Washington DC

“ A LARP is when a bunch of nerds get together in a field or pasture and beat each other with foam swords. (Using fantasy Stories) It refers also to… Read more »

The Irrelevant Dispensable Nation

The action is heating up in Ukraine with now many reports coming in that air resources (SU-30, SU-34, SU-24 fighters) have stationed themselves in Crimea, with land assets ready to… Read more »

Another Week in Clown World

In the world today the greatest lie ever sold is unravelling and with it the bewitched global (mostly in the west) population. One that has led to the rise of… Read more »

Latest trends in the NFT Space

One of the reasons why we are writing this series in the latest and the biggest bomb in the crypto space is the NFTs, really putting the whole industry in… Read more »

Real 3D Chess

Today it seems that the world has breathed a sigh of relief as Ukraine led by the Jewish Comedian who in turn leads an army of Nazis has blinked in… Read more »

An NFT Virtual hoodie for £19,000 is the latest in the series of the NFT craze

As a part of the brand and businesses cashing in the current unique NFT creative work collection, the most recent is the 19,000- pound Black hoodie from the streetwear label… Read more »

An Introduction to Non-Fungible Tokens Aka NFT

As the real world has been gradually going global, so has been the medium to trade it, aka various products and service being offered on blockchain technology. Well known for… Read more »

The Effect of Digital currencies on Geopolitics

The first impact of the digital currencies on Geopolitics is the global efficiencies that the new system promises at much lower costs. But with the launch of new Stablecoins, backed… Read more »

Geopolitical & Economic hurdles for Digital Currencies in 2021

As businesses look to grow by nudging the consumer towards the right decision, the time has also come for policymakers to be nudged in the direction of the future. Well,… Read more »