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  • How US leaders can best support protesters in Iran
    Democracies tend to be more effective in speaking to their own people than in communicating with foreign audiences. Part of the reason is that public diplomacy, the practice of engaging and informing the people of other nations, is still considered an elite practice confined to the marble halls of the...
    External Link: the hill
  • Fox News reporter carries elderly man to safety while reporting in Florida
    A Fox News correspondent dispatched to Florida carried an elderly man from a boat to dry land following the mass floods that resulted from Hurricane Ian. Steve Harrigan pitched in on Friday to carry the man who'd been rescued from flooding from a boat taking him through the water. Harrigan...
    External Link: the hill
  • Shocking extent of government collusion with Big Tech to censor Americans revealed in lawsuit
    (Natural News) A lawsuit filed against President Biden has shed some light on the shocking extent of collusion between federal agencies and Big Tech in illegal censorship activities online. The lawsuit was brought about by the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana, Eric Schmidt and Jeff Landry, along with...
    External Link: Natural News
  • Will the Conservative Momentum at the Supreme Court Continue This Term?
    The U.S. Supreme Court begins hearing cases for its new term, following its customary summer recess, on Monday, Oct. 3. If this Court term is anything like the most recent one, conservatives and constitutionalists will rejoice. This most recent term, conservatives achieved secured massive wins on abortion (Dobbs v....
    External Link: Spectator
  • What Is the Biden Admin Hiding on Federal Voter Mobilization?
    Americans have good reason to wonder if the Biden administration is abusing its power in order to protect Democrats in November. That’s what our organization discovered this month in our lawsuit against the Department of Justice. On Sept. 8, the DOJ ignored a court order to give us documents...
    External Link: Spectator
  • David vs. Goliath: A Brief History of the Landmark Legal Foundation versus the National Education Association
    David vs. Goliath: A Brief History of the Landmark Legal Foundation versus the National Education Association By   The National Education Association (NEA) is one of America’s most powerful public-sector unions. Their Washington, D.C., headquarters has at their disposal over 3 million members and an annual budget eclipsing...
    External Link: Landmarklegal
  • The AFT Record: Failed Policies, Flagrant Politics
    The AFT Record: Failed Policies, Flagrant Politics By   The American Federation of Teachers has a record of turning political influence with progressives into harmful public policies. Over the past few years, this pattern became apparent as they used the backdrop of Covid to relieve their teachers of...
    External Link: Landmarklegal
  • Biden’s Baleful Border Betrayal
    Is there anything the left won’t blame on their fantastical scapegoat, climate change? Don’t bet on it. Their latest dodge is blaming the border crisis, which they created, on the climate crisis, which they invented. A Politico article is headlined, “It’s Not a Border Crisis. It’s a Climate Crisis.” That’s...
    External Link: David

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