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  • Rubio stokes 2024 chatter with planned book release
    There's a possible new entrant in the 2024 GOP book primary: Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.). Rubio, who finished third in the 2016 GOP primary race, is set to release a new book, titled "Decades of Decadence," on June 13 with jockeying underway for the 2024 presidential primary. The 272-page book...
    External Link: the hill
  • Sam Bankman-Fried says lawyers telling him to 'recede into a hole'
    Sam Bankman-Fried, the ex-billionaire whose cryptocurrency platform FTX crashed spectacularly earlier this month, said Wednesday during an hourlong interview that his lawyers are advising him to “recede into a hole.” Speaking from the Bahamas via video link to the New York Times' DealBook summit, Bankman-Fried said he was receiving “the...
    External Link: the hill
  • Globalist "utopia" is driving mankind to self-extinction, just like what was seen in Calhoun's mouse experiments
    (Natural News) The world we currently live in is the antithesis of freedom. It is an engineered globalist experiment involving “caged” living; fake, chemical-laden “food;” social media and technological authoritarianism; and an endless supply of fake fiat “money” that the globalist overlords use to rob the masses and amass...
    External Link: Natural News
  • The Fight Over Eurasia Will Determine the Destinies of the World
    Two retired U.S. Army colonels and combat veterans, Daniel Davis and Douglas Macgregor, writing separately in 19FortyFive and the American Conservative, respectively, warn that Russia has deployed a half-million combat forces in southern Ukraine, Belarus, and western Russia, including 1,000 rocket artillery systems, hundreds of tactical ballistic and cruise...
    External Link: Spectator
  • Defend Us in Battle: The Incredible Story of Navy SEAL Michael Monsoor
    It’s an amazing story. One that I’ve been waiting 16 years to be told, other than the dribs and drabs I’ve been producing. You see I was over there with him. My first firefight, in fact. An Amazon.com search shows that since then about a gazillion books have been written...
    External Link: Spectator
  • WBAL Jerry Rogers Show 11-21-22
    WBAL Jerry Rogers Show November 21, 2022 Mike O’Neill talks with Jerry Rogers +listen The post WBAL Jerry Rogers Show 11-21-22 appeared first on Landmark Legal Foundation....
    External Link: Landmarklegal
  • Update: Landmark Fights Union Destruction of Private Property During Strikes
    Update: Landmark Fights Union Destruction of Private Property During Strikes By   On November 8, Landmark filed a merits brief in support of the petitioner in Glacier NW, Inc. v. International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local Union 174, that called on the U.S. Supreme Court to overrule the Washington Supreme...
    External Link: Landmarklegal
  • Biden’s Baleful Border Betrayal
    Is there anything the left won’t blame on their fantastical scapegoat, climate change? Don’t bet on it. Their latest dodge is blaming the border crisis, which they created, on the climate crisis, which they invented. A Politico article is headlined, “It’s Not a Border Crisis. It’s a Climate Crisis.” That’s...
    External Link: David

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