Oligarchism, Social Engineering, Bitcoin and the Fight to Liberate Science

In this episode of the Keyvan Davani Connection, a variety of topics were unpacked. Keyvan and I discussed the League of Cambrai of 1509 which nearly wiped out the financier oligarchy then centered in the lagoons of Venice before the parasite migrated to “safer” terrain in Amsterdam and then England, and we also trace this oligarchy’s efforts to take over the United States from 1776-present.

We discuss the multipolar alliance of Russia and China which have ironically invoked the best principles of the American System of political economy, and we also address the fraud of green energy, how science became coopted, the fraud of Darwin and Newton specifically.

During the interview, Kevin and I sparred a little on the fraud Austrian School economics and also the potency of Bitcoin and its role in shaping a just new system.

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