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Some Additional Words on Today’s Pythagorean Revival- From Bussard’s Polywell to the Safire Project

In my last report, I introduced two opposing schools of scientific thinking that have been at odds with one another since the days of Plato’s Academy at Athens. One system sits dominant upon the throne of today’s western science wearing the garb of “standard model quantum theory” and “standard model cosmology” and hinges its existence… Read more »

Reviving the Lost Art of Pythagorean Thinking

In this final presentation of the Rising Tide Foundation symposium ‘The Earth’s Next 100 Years’, I took the time to introduce a potent method of thinking which is close to my heart and which too few have had the chance to encounter. This is a way of hypothesizing which was once embodied in the figures… Read more »

Klaus’ Great Narrative: Locking the Plebs Into Plato’s Cave for the 21st Century

In case you were beginning to feel like your world was becoming a cliché dystopian movie script, don’t feel bad. It appears that at least some of the villains agree with you. Not happy with unsatisfying stories, scripts and narratives that shape our disorganized zeitgeist, Klaus Schwab and other creepy dungeon masters trying to manage… Read more »

Religion in China: Propaganda vs Reality

Truth Jihad Radio with Kevin Barrett and Matt Ehret In this episode of Truth Jihad Radio, Kevin Barrett and I unpack the psychological operations deployed by the highest echelons of Anglo American intelligence agencies in order to paint China as the nefarious super villain behind all of the world’s problems. Whether it is the cause… Read more »