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Tuning Humanity to the Universe: The Role of Education in Shaping Global Citizens

In this address delivered to the last session of the 22nd International Conference of Chief Justices of the World organized by India’s City Montessori School, Matthew Ehret (representing Dr. Edward Lozansky- President of the American University in Moscow) delivered remarks on the role of education in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals and also advance… Read more »

John F. Kennedy, NAWAPA and China’s New Silk Road

During the coming several days, themes touching upon John F. Kennedy will be treated from various angles. As we solemnly remember the life and mission of the martyred President Kennedy who will have died 58 years ago on November 22, it is worth noting that his was a life devoted to the actualization of all… Read more »

Why is Ethiopia Targeted for Regime Change?

In this discussion with Ethiopia’s Prime Media, I was asked to give my thoughts about the Washington-controlled regime change operations behind the Tigray People’s Liberation Movement which has just launched a new project to topple Ethiopia’s current government of Abiy Ahmed. Without understanding Ethiopia’s powerful role as a driver of African progress, its friendship with… Read more »

Working Towards the Creative Trinity: Form and a New Physics

In this Rising Tide Foundation lecture, Dr. Michael Clarage introduces a series of anomalies that pull the rug out from under the frail house of cards that is standard theory quantum mechanics, cosmology and even the reductionist biology that supposes all organic traits are the direct consequence of DNA. The rug is pulled by addressing… Read more »