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Before fixing the world, we should repair our own foundations

Originally published in the Washington Times It wasn’t long ago that many of the liberal supporters of Joe Biden would have found themselves among vast swaths of protesters condemning the foolish imperial aims of U.S. power projection onto the world. The idea of the USA acting as the world’s hegemon by spreading liberal values around… Read more »

Is the Global Financial Game Rigged Against You?

I recently had the great pleasure to chat with geopolitical analyst and talk show host Tim Kirby (aka: “The most American Russian”) on the topic of the reasons for the current systemic breakdown threatening to blow out the Trans Atlantic bubble world order. We discuss the roots of the World Economic Forum, and why it… Read more »

Why Putin Criticized the Bolshevik Counter Revolution: Trotsky, Parvus and the War on Civilization

A scandal arose this week as President Putin took some time to denounce the Bolshevik Revolution at the Valdai Discussion Club saying: “Just over a century ago, Russia objectively faced serious problems… Russia could have dealt with its problems gradually and in a civilised manner. But revolutionary shocks led to the collapse and disintegration of… Read more »