The Irrelevant Dispensable Nation

The action is heating up in Ukraine with now many reports coming in that air resources (SU-30, SU-34, SU-24 fighters) have stationed themselves in Crimea, with land assets ready to go numbering in the thousands. The Russians make no mistake that they are more than ready if the chips are on the table to deal a decided death blow to anything the Ukrainian puppets and their US masters can throw at them.

In the South China Seas, the “Freedom of Provocation” continues with this time, armed F16 out of a US airbase in Japan flew directly into contested China/Taiwan airspace, fully armed with “LIVE” missiles. This further escalating an already tense situation.

It all seems like Exceptionalstan is trying to write checks it can not cash. Or is there something more going on here? The Guerrilla believes the current global situation is very complex, insane and very, very delicate.

I propose to say that the current state of affairs in the United States post 9/11 is a nation that has been liberated from the mental straitjacket of logic. Since the 2008 market collapse, it has become abundantly clear to the rest of the world that there are no longer any adults in charge of the playroom.

What the US is doing is trying to foment a “manageable crisis” in both theatres, in order to (1) derail and vilify the BRI, Eurasian corridor all the while blaming the impending financial collapse of America on the coming war against either China or Russia. This is in the brain-dead minds of the moron in DC is a great idea.

Look at the recent visit to the front by the chopped haired, amateur diversity hire Colonel Brittany Stewart, who visited the storm front of Eastern Ukraine, Donbas. She showed up wearing Ukrainian Nazi regalia of the 72nd Mechanized Division’s Death’s Head insignia. Total moron. This does not send a strong message to Russia; it shows how tasteless and tacky the US is. In normal time a talentless moron like Stewart would have been thrown out but in today’s “woke” military she will have Military Academies named after her, she’ll be given the silver star for bravery on the battlefield of gender equality and then promptly promoted to Joints Chiefs. This is the reality of the mediocre nation that we have become.

The Guerrilla remembers well when hotshot cowboy Colonel Claire Chennault of Flying Tigers fame flew P40 Warhawks for the Kuomintang against the Japanese in WW2. He thought it was a great idea for American pilots to both wear American and Chinese (Kuomintang) patches, even had FDR authorize it. They thought it will send a strong message to Japan…less than two months later Japan sent the entire Pacific fleet to the bottom in Pearl Harbor. Message received.

Do the dangerous rectal obsessed idiots in DC think similarly? I’d wager to think so. As the Japanese back then saw this as America is hell-bent on their destruction so too do the Russians feel the same way. The difference is the Russians can make the entire North American continent glow in the dark for 10,000 years. Ukraine a nation whose military ranks is filled with the Neo-Nazis Svoboda party is being led by a President who is a Jewish Comedian who in turn is being led by low brow DC clowns to their deaths. The irony does not escape the Optimus Primate.

The main goal of Excpetionalstan is to distort and destroy any positive view of Russia in Europe and to do the same to China in Asia. The funny thing is that the US and the West in general have no viable, real, tangible alternative to the trade and industrial programs of the Sino-Russian alliance. Maybe that’s the point, no one is buying the US’s bonds thus they are no longer buying the US’s BS. Thus, fake a financial collapse and blame it on Russia and China, distract the population and then escape with untold billions. At least that’s what they are hoping, that is NOT what is going to happen. As members of this soon to be defunct global cabal will be branded as international criminals by Russia and China and will have their assets frozen, confiscated, put in jail or worse. For the cabal running Exceptionalstan, this is a zero-sum game one that they have been playing for the last 70 years and one that is about to end terribly for them.

The latest speech by the leader of the free world Vladimir Putin has put the West on notice and it was also the complete antithesis of the anti-human, anti-development programs of the West. Russia like most countries in the East has embraced civilization, life and advancement. The West has embraced the anus of Satan and has laid their desires at the feet of death, debauchery and destruction. Culturally the West is dead, political correctness, weakness, and far-left ideology have killed what was left of the soul of the civilization.

The recent revelations by Putin and Russian intelligence about the assassination attempt on Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko by the US-led assets was a bombshell where not a peep of it was mentioned by any media outlet anywhere in the West. Rest assured this revelation and many others will be coming forward, the US and its allies will be made to look like the low-level bloodthirsty criminals that they are. The worst part of this entire thing is that the coup plotters were all caught on video via Zoom. The Russian FSB hacked them. The decline and destruction of the West is truly a comedy.

What is left for the Kleptocrats of Exceptionalstan to do if their climate crisis, pandemic, global reset and global war fail? Que the Aliens, for that train is never late brought to you by the third-rate special effects and graphics. After all Extraterrestrials only crash land in the US and only deal with Americans, it’s as if they know who the Exceptional, Indispensable nation is.


The Guerrilla.

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