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Facebook Leak, Democrats Demented Tax Plan, Seeing America’s End Through Chinese Eyes

V breaks down the latest news, from Facebook leaks to the Democrat Looters going for unrealized gains to seeing the end of America by a Chinese author who wrote about it in 1991!!!

NetFlix Walkout. Brian Laundrie Found!!! Fed’s Lost 45,000 Kids?!?! Silence is Violence

V & Cj discuss the Brian Laundrie case as a warning to parents everywhere. They also talk about the government losing 45,000 kids and the latest from the Netflix walkout.

Time Traveling Woman,Colin Powell Dead, Killing SEALS, Lebanon Cracking

V & Cj break down the latest news. A Woman’s warning from Sept 2019 comes true, Colin Powel Great American War Criminal is dead, Biden Admin will cause Navy SEALS recruitment to drop, V Breaks down Lebanon and Bitcoin ETF.

The Great Reset The Ponzi Endgame. The Mad Cookie Woman Of The Maidan

The Guerrilla flies solo today, he breaks down the Great Reset, Victoria “F*ck The EU” Nuland and America The Debt Junkie.

Kamala’s Creepy Video, Why Migrants Are The New Narco Trade & Gun Buybacks Work! Just Ask Australia

V & Cj breakdown the latest news from Kamala’s cringy vid to the mass invasion of the 3rd world to the power of gun buybacks.